Hi Steve,

I've found the same problem over the past couple of days too. I had
also narrowed it down to the lang parameter but selecting all does
still not guarantee results.

This is now impacting my live site as no results are being returned.
I'm also going to investigate whether rate limiting could be the

Please let me know if you get any further with your investigations.

Martin Wright


On Nov 27, 3:42 am, steve <ick...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This reproduces even onhttp://search.twitter.com.  If you try to
> filter to "en" only results you get back 0 items for most queries.
> Select "try all languages" from the search portal or remove "lang=en"
> from your API query and you get results for your queries (most of
> which are in english.)
> What's weird is this seemed to be working fine until about 2 days
> ago.  And its been very intermittent since.  Yesterday queries would
> work for a while then they would stop working (same query to the
> API.)  But today they seem to be broken for me all day.  Other members
> of my team reported the same issue yesterday so it defenitly seems to
> be something on your end.
> BTW... When calling the API and this happens we're getting back an
> error similar to this:
> jsonp1290717568994({"results":[],"max_id":7896158276488192,"since_id":
> 7896158276488192,"refresh_url":"?
> since_id=7896158276488192&q=Thanksgiving","results_per_page":50,"page":
> 1,"completed_in":0.019352,"warning":"adjusted since_id to
> 7896158276488192 due to temporary
> error","since_id_str":"7896158276488192","max_id_str":"7896158276488192","query":"Thanksgiving"});
> I did a search and this error was reported back in June but nobody
> ever responded... Crossing my fingers that this message doesn't go
> into the void as well...

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