I guess you should use the stream api to get mentions in real time. No
need to process it directly, you could code a simple client connected
to the stream api which record new mention in database, then launch
your script time to time and get the mentions via the database rather
than via the twitter api.

On Nov 30, 1:25 am, Serdar <ser...@guzelanket.com> wrote:
> Hi I have just launched my first twitter application. Basically:
> -People send a tweet that mentions @appName (authorizing not needed)
> -App checks for new @appName mentions *from time to time*, and process
> them.
> There is a max mentions limit (200) that can be retrieved at a time
> via API. I know I'm not hitting this limit soon with the app but I
> want to code a scalable method fo get mentions.
> Unfortunaltely we do not have the option to get mentions in the
> 'oldest first' order.
> This causes a little tricky code for getting mentions in chunks and
> not missing older tweets. (Suppose you had 200+ mentions since last
> check).
> For testing I limit, 'max mentions to get at a time' to 10, in my code
> and it seems to be working.
> I won't go into more details...
> -I would like to know if any of you have coded something similar?
> -Would love to see an alternative, as I'm not happy with my code!
> -Is there an API method I could use for this purpose, which would make
> things easier?
> Thanks,
> Serdar.

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