Hi all,

  I am developing twitter application. In this application without
browser user can use Twitter, I am providing user a interface to use

  I registered my application with twitter . By Oauth I am accessing
twiiter. My doubts starts here

1) In my application I need to develop such that any user can enter
his user name and password, and he can enter to  twitter home page(In
my application), But now I am not using any username and password,
Directly using consumer key, consumer secret key, token key, token
secret key, PIN I am entering to twitter home. how i can allow other
users to use my application just by there user name and password ????

2) By using "statuses/home_timeline.json", I am getting only 14
timelines, How I can get all the timeline.

Thank you for Your valuable reply.

S.R Rai

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