I am surprised that no one here to response you. May be you are asking
very basic info. You should go buy a Twitter developer book online
ebook or from a book store.

We are releasing a Twitter API Developer book but it is not available
yet til next year.

You'll need to use OAuth, not basic auth.

Twitter OAuth Library

Use consumer key and consumer secret from your app settings in your
OAuth lib.

Your Twitter API is limited by hour and no. of tweets.

On Dec 19, 11:28 pm, Roopesh Rai <roopesh.ra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If anybody know solution to above question, Please reply me. I am very
> new to twitter application development.... I am confusing..... I am
> trying, Googling... But, Result is nill...
> Thank U
> On Dec 15, 2:33 pm, Roopesh Rai <roopesh.ra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >   I am developing twitter application. In this application without
> > browser user can use Twitter, I am providing user a interface to use
> > twitter.
> >   I registered my application with twitter . By Oauth I am accessing
> > twiiter. My doubts starts here
> > 1) In my application I need to develop such that any user can enter
> > his user name and password, and he can enter to  twitter home page(In
> > my application), But now I am not using any username and password,
> > Directly using consumer key, consumer secret key, token key, token
> > secret key, PIN I am entering to twitter home. how i can allow other
> > users to use my application just by there user name and password ????
> > 2) By using "statuses/home_timeline.json", I am getting only 14
> > timelines, How I can get all the timeline.
> > Thank you for Your valuable reply.
> > Regards,
> > S.R Rai

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