Thanks Adam. I will carefully look at the results from the "lang"

>From the screen display above:

[1]   Done                    curl,-122.398720,15km
[2]-  Done                    lang=en
[3]+ Done                    rpp=100

It seems that the last two parameters "lang" and "rpp" are not treated
together with the main cURL command, and they don't really affect the
search result. I also don't get 100 results after adding the "rpp"
command. Have you ever succeed in running such a multi-parameter query
with cURL and getting an output file?

Many thanks,

On Dec 26, 11:28 am, Adam Green <> wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 5:11 AM, epomqo <> wrote:
> > And apparently the "lang" parameter sometimes doesn't work: I still
> > get tweets in other languages.
> From my experience the lang parameter, is not a language detection
> algorithm. It just pays attention to the language the user has set in their
> profile settings. If they haven't changed it, the default of English is left
> set, and you get their tweets no matter what the lang parameter is sent to.
> If you don't use the lang parameter, you get all tweets that match the
> search in any language. If you set lang=en, you get far fewer tweets in
> languages other than English, but at least 10-20% are not in English. Of
> course that depends on whether your search words match another language.

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