'twurl accounts' shows 3 consumer keys. Changing it to 2nd one does
seem to have solved the problem. I don't know why, because, as I
stated and demonstrated before, none of my apps were every read/write,
but at this point I don't give a sh*t why, as long as it's working. It
only cost me ~3 days of troubleshooting. Gosh, yeah, twurl is just as
easy as curl. OAuth is so convenient to use on the command line.

For those who may come afterwards and wonder how to edit your
'accounts' you have to edit ~/.twurlrc. I didn't see any way to do
something like 'twurl account delete'

Sorry to be so gruff, but this has been a huge hassle and a complete
waste of time.

Thanks to @themattharris for finding a solution, even if there's still
no explanation. Other than "well it must have been read only even
though it wasn't."


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