I'm planning on integrating with Twitter on the iPhone, I'm surprised
that unlike Facebook, Twitter does not provide a standard Objective-C
library, but I have found MGTwitterEngine.

The problem is, the setup instructions are not that clear, then I
found 'by accident' the Twitter-OAuth-iPhone project on GitHub, which
seemed to at least bring up the Twitter authorisation page, but now
fails with 401 errors and doesn't give me the opportunity to remove
the token (hey, it's just a demo project, so I guess they don't handle

The concern I have, is that when I registered my application, it
wanted a callback URL, from what I understand I want the value "OOB"
to be used, for our-of-band / Pin-code authorisation.  I tried
entering OOB and then it complained that I must enter a valid URL.

I then deleted the URL completely and then the application was
accepted, but I don't know whether a blank / missing URL == OOB?

When I try to edit the application, it doesn't give me the option to
add a URL.

So, when programming for an iPhone, do you enter 'Application', or
'Web'.  If the latter, what URL should be entered and can you edit it

Does anyone have advice on setting up MGTwitterEngine, or Twitter-

For something that 'sounds' simple, it has taken me over a day of
playing to get nowhere productive.  However, I am new to iPhone
develop, oAuth and the libraries mentioned above.

I am planning on documenting what I learn on my blog afterwards, to
help other iPhone developers.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter, as I
disucss the progress on my podcast BitBanterPC.

Many thanks to anyone who can answer those questions.


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