Welcome to Twitter OAuth Camp for mobile.

I have written 4 chapters to explain how to integrate Twitter on iOS &
Android using OAuth library. I can't release the chapters now as our
publisher is reviewing the content and getting it ready to publish the
book in a short few months. The book will be released in early summer.
It contains very details step-to-step explanation, screen captures,
line by line coaching, code examples.

I think this is the greatest thing b/c these chapters will help me to
remember how to fight thru each step to get this to work.

I am teaching iOS class. I am planning to teach Twitter iOS class and
going to offer a class in a few weeks. The problem I have is I
couldn't find a venue. I couldn't find any ideal dates at Hackerdojo.
Plug N Play doesn't offer WiFi and/or available dates. Access Growth
doesn't offer the venue as I haven't shown enough muscle.

Any suggestions?

On Jan 16, 2:01 pm, Rob Wilson - SpikyOrange <netp...@gmail.com>
> Hi,
> I'm planning on integrating with Twitter on the iPhone, I'm surprised
> that unlike Facebook, Twitter does not provide a standard Objective-C
> library, but I have found MGTwitterEngine.
> The problem is, the setup instructions are not that clear, then I
> found 'by accident' the Twitter-OAuth-iPhone project on GitHub, which
> seemed to at least bring up the Twitter authorisation page, but now
> fails with 401 errors and doesn't give me the opportunity to remove
> the token (hey, it's just a demo project, so I guess they don't handle
> it).
> The concern I have, is that when I registered my application, it
> wanted a callback URL, from what I understand I want the value "OOB"
> to be used, for our-of-band / Pin-code authorisation.  I tried
> entering OOB and then it complained that I must enter a valid URL.
> I then deleted the URL completely and then the application was
> accepted, but I don't know whether a blank / missing URL == OOB?
> When I try to edit the application, it doesn't give me the option to
> add a URL.
> So, when programming for an iPhone, do you enter 'Application', or
> 'Web'.  If the latter, what URL should be entered and can you edit it
> afterwards?
> Does anyone have advice on setting up MGTwitterEngine, or Twitter-
> OAuth-iPhone?
> For something that 'sounds' simple, it has taken me over a day of
> playing to get nowhere productive.  However, I am new to iPhone
> develop, oAuth and the libraries mentioned above.
> I am planning on documenting what I learn on my blog afterwards, to
> help other iPhone developers.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter, as I
> disucss the progress on my podcast BitBanterPC.
> Many thanks to anyone who can answer those questions.
> Regards,
> Rob.

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