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On 3 Feb 2011, at 19:00, Lab Tech wrote:

> hmm Permission had not been revoked and the test file was original, I
> even downloaded a new one from Abraham's library, same thing "Could
> not Authenticate".
> any other ideas?
> On Feb 3, 12:52 pm, Scott Wilcox <> wrote:
>> Correct, tokens don't expire. If you're getting that, either your calls are 
>> being sent incorrect or permission has been revoked.
>> On 3 Feb 2011, at 17:32, Lab Tech wrote:
>>> I am developing an auto post app and last night it worked perfectly,
>>> this morning however I am getting a 401 "Could not authenticate you."
>>> error on both my app and the test file from the library
>>> The test file is unchanged
>>> and worked perfectly last night.
>>> I am storing both token and secret in a db as suggested.
>>> I was under the impression OAuth Tokens and OAuth Token Secrets did
>>> not expire. Was I wrong in that thinking?

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