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I'd prefer London or some other West-European city.

I'm guessing it will be in SFO, given how closely the Twitter team worked with the developers last year. They can't fly a few hundred folks to NYC or London. The question is *where* in SFO - Fort Mason wasn't particularly well suited for a "barcamp-style" conference with breakout sessions, wifi, etc. The noise level / acoustics were unacceptable.

But really, unless they're going for late May - early June, they need to get some planning done now. Google I/O sold out in 59 minutes, and actually the scuttlebutt is that it was actually sold out for all practical purposes as soon as the web site went live - "invited" attendees had already scooped up most of the tickets. I'm not saying I think Chirp will be *that* popular, but I'm guessing a lot of people who didn't get in last year will want to come this year.
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