Similarly, I have noticed that an exact duplicate tweet is no longer
systematically rejected.

Our CMS was set up to tweet new content items when they are first
viewed by a visitor. If two visitors view the same new item at nearly
the same time, two tweets are sent. Until recently, one would be
rejected. Now, both are published and we have to delete the duplicate
to avoid looking stupid. This behaviour seems to have changed 1-2
months ago.

On Mar 7, 4:17 pm, Tammy Fennell <> wrote:
> Hi There,
> I was just scanning the twitter automation rule and it doesn't say
> anything about reoccuring scheduled  tweets. I swear it used to say it
> was banned, but has Twitter ammended this now for certain business
> use? Hope so, it's great functionality when used right!
> Best,
> Tammy

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