I've just read the new Terms of Service referenced in the announcement
"consistency and ecosystem opportunities". It's unclear to me if those
terms apply to an app I've just finished. I've developed a very simple
iPad app that allows the user to maintain a list of feeds and stream
any of those timelines banner-wise across the screen on demand.

It's useful if you want to quickly check the most recent tweets from a
particular source and also serves as a vehicle to show off some
interesting and creative use of 3D typography on the iPad to display
the content. There's almost no interface: Tweet content is shown
exactly as-is, with only the addition of a username to identify the
feed and an elapsed-time-since-publication placard.

I submitted this app to the app store in December and was rejected.
I've rewritten the app in response to Apple concerns and am one (1)
day away from resubmitting to the app store. I've got +/- five months
of effort into this project and will be devastated if I'm disallowed
from publishing at this late date.

Who can I talk to re determining whether what I've done falls under
the umbrella of applications that are now prohibited by the new ToS?
Howard Katz

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