I'm seeing the same thing that Ninjamonk reported on Mar 20 at
10:10am. That is, if I pause before asking for the access token, it
will work. The only difference is that Ninjamonk said he paused for 10
seconds...I found that I have to pause for at least 15 seconds. I also
discovered that just waiting 15 seconds before pressing the accept
button has the same effect.

I also discovered that if I *don't* pause and it fails that I can re-
issue the same request for the access token again (recalculating the
signature with a new timestamp and nonce) and it will work the 2nd

And, much like everyone else has reported, this is in code that has
been working well for quite awhile, hasn't changed, and is only very
recently started to exhibit this behavior.

FWIW, I also debugged down to the base string (just before it is
encrypted) to see if there's any difference between the base string of
a working request and one that doesn't work. Aside from the nonce and
timestamp, there's no difference at all.

To repeat: It *always* works if there's a 15 second or more delay
between obtaining the request token and trying to get the access
token. And it *always* fails the first time if there is no delay, but
works the 2nd time.

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