I'd be really interested to know if this function becomes reliable and
incorporated into the API.  I can't actually get it to work at the
moment though, I get Twitter's 'The page you were looking for doesn't
exist' sent back...


On Mar 31, 1:51 pm, George <georgyy.koz...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> My team is working on new Twitter client and we're interested in some
> specific options in Twitter API.
> Of course I know that some features already requested and this one was
> asked however I think we should rise up it again.
> I've found hidden call on Twitter which allows us to receive
> conversation tread between the 
> users.http://search.twitter.com/search/thread/<status ID>
> The above call return correct data for some statuses but for another
> ones it may return nothing or even return wrong data,
> Does anybody know something about this call? Maybe we need to supply
> additional parameters?
> Is it possible to obtain conversation thread between two users somehow
> not using of above call.
> Thanks in advance,
> George

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