My application currently gets an access token and save it to a
database for each member of my website. I checked the access tokens
saved for my account and the ones in Your Apps > MyApp > My Access
Token and they are correct. My account is not suspended and there is
nothing on my application's page which says that it is suspended

I don't understand why I am redirected to /suspended when I request a
page like /statuses while both of my account and my app are accepted.

Is there anybody who can explain my problem ?

I'm developing in Ruby using the OAuth gem. I do something like :
OAuth::AccessToken.new(MyApp::Application.twitter_consumer, db_token,
with the MyApp::Application.twitter_consumer method returning :
OAuth::Consumer.new(consumer_key, consumer_secret, { :site => 'https://
api.twitter.com' })

Thank you,

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