True, but I've seen some people saying that they want a normal Twitter page, not an intent. Like I said, I really recommend using intents instead, but the option is still there.


On 5/19/11 11:57 AM, Mohan Arun wrote:
On May 19, 2:25 pm, Tom van der Woerdt<>  wrote:

It's only /home?status= that does not currently work, /?status= does
still work. As a quick workaround you could simply use /?status=. Of
course, I'd strongly recommend making the switch to web intents asap.

If you are making this change you might as well make the change to use
web intents:
Read more about this:

By the way I just came across today, what looks to me like a bug
given twitter's idealogical stress behind 'intent-based process flow'.

I came across a twitter bio page which I wanted to follow and I wasnt
logged in to twitter
and I just clicked 'Follow' and it opened the login box as expected
but after I did login
it returned me to the same page. My original intent of clicking on
the 'follow' button was incomplete and I had to click on 'Follow'

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