There is a problem with the web view/three legged OAuth mechanism.

        The OAuth sign-in mechanism gives no indication to either the browser 
or an embedded web view that the user has pressed "No, Thanks". In both login 
methods, our app is left hanging in the middle of a login process. This is 
extremely user unfriendly. It also forces me, to handle this case, to use the 
embedded web view. When I do so, I can add a cancel button to my sign-in UI. 
This makes for a less than elegant view of Twitter's sign-in process. (As an 
iOS developer, elegance is valued by my customers.) By the way, if the user 
presses the "No, Thanks" button twice, then Twitter returns a slightly 
different form submission. Sniffing for this case is fragile.

        My question: Am I in error? Does Twitter return a different callback 
value for the "No, Thanks" case. If not, I humbly request that Twitter add this 
important, for a better user experience, notification.


P.S. Allow me to point out that the API login and permissions process at 
Twitter's competitor, Facebook, always provides a separate success and failure 
callback. While that may be unimportant to Twitter, it does show a different 
implementation path could be taken with an API.

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