Apparently the 7 supported languages are only used in the "Follow"
button, but not in the "Following" text. Is this a bug or a feature?
Do you plan to support more languages in the future?


On May 31, 10:07 pm, Arnaud Meunier <> wrote:
> Hey developers,
> Today we're launching the Follow Button!  Similar to the Tweet Button,
> it's a new widget that lets users easily follow a Twitter account from
> any web page. The Follow Button has a single click follow experience,
> simple implementation model, and is configurable to fit the needs of
> your website.
> Read our announcement on the Twitter blog, and use the resources below
> to set up your own Follow Button:
> - Create a Follow Button here:
> - Detailed documentation:
> We’ve also added a Javascript layer to our Buttons and Web Intents
> that makes it possible for you to detect how users are interacting
> with these tools, and to hook them up to your own web analytics. More
> details on:
> We're excited to see how you guys will implement the Follow Button.
> Let us know what you think, or if you have any questions.
> Arnaud / @rno

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