Arnaud - Can someone give some links to some tweets with the photos so
we can test our thumbnail/viewing implementation?

Also - Can someone give a synopses of what changed in the api_terms ?



On Jun 1, 2:34 pm, Arnaud Meunier <> wrote:
> Hey developers,
> We have just announced a couple of new exciting features at the All Things D
> conference, one of which is the ability to upload photos to
> Uploading photos to Twitter is currently available on the desktop
> version, and its access is initially limited to a very small number of
> users. In the next couple of weeks, as we progressively ramp up the number
> of users who have access to the feature, we'll provide you with more details
> about how you can use the "Tweet-with-photo" API.
> For now, the only change you'll notice on the API side is a new "media"
> entity in the status object. We encourage you to support rendering, and to
> help you with that, we just revamped the Tweet Entities documentation page,
> describing in detail how you can use this structured 
> data:
> Note that we also updated our API Terms of Service [1] and our Display
> Guidelines [2] to include this new feature.
> As ever, if you have questions about the new media entity or our ToS
> changes, let us know on the list or through @twitterapi.
> [1]
> [2]
> Arnaud / @rno

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