> Running OAuth on the AS/400 is not going to happen, but I wonder is it
> possible to make a basic app on Windows, or the web to allow my users
> to re-enable Direct Message access, but actually do the reading
> through xAuth? I know it's a long shot, but it's the only one I've got
> at the moment.

TTYtter is in the same boat as you. What I do is ask the users to generate a
keyfile containing their credentials on a system with a web browser. This
keyfile is generated through the regular OAuth workflow. This saved keyfile
never expires, so they can use it thereafter without a browser.

TTYtter contains a wizard to walk users through this task, which I imagine
you could do by directing them through a terminal session what to do with
their desktop browser, and use the out of band workflow and PIN numbers.

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