Hello Arnaldo,

Actually, I didn't modify anything in the projece settings.
All of a sudden it grew from 111KB to 300KB+ :(

Best regards,

Monday, April 11, 2005, 10:30:45 AM, you wrote:

AB> Hi

AB> Did you excluded debug information? See compiler and linker options

AB> []
AB> Arnaldo

AB> Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:

>>Hello Jack,
>>I dont know wy it is so mutch bigger, sorry :(
>>TWSocket is listening socket, it does nothing else than listening. When
>>new connection comes in then the connection is accepted by another
>>TWSocket and so on. So you can support as many clients as you want. This
>>is also how TWSocketServer works.
>>What I was trying to say with 1 client, that it is very simple, you dont
>>have to code mutch. When you have to support many clients then you have
>>todo all things that are on board in TWSocketServer.
>>Rgds, Wilfried

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