> hi everyone,
> still working on my ftp service server.


> The exceptions are triggered because the Client used within the thread is nil.
> what i don't understand is why, although i set delayedsend to true,
> the ftp server begins to open the data connection and says the file is sent ?
> any clue ?

besides, i've noticed that it happens only when the server (as a service) has 
some "visual form".
i've used your "special unit", Wilfried... it works very well except that it 
seems that when
you build an visual application, and transform it as a service (with or without 
wilfried's unit)
keeping the visual part, there're some weird stuff with messages, message pump, 

i'm not using particuliar stuff within that service, except for some DB comps 
and self made visual comp
to enhance a bit the visual part.

that's all.

i really don't know why there can be such things. i've been through debugging 
for several hours,
looking at françois' code - which seems working well. But i don't see 

The other part of the thing is that if the service is made as a non-visual 
application (no log window or anything else)
it seems to work perfectly.

François, i think you got the point (using an http server as a small client 

but that's a bit annoying...

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