Bjørnar Nielsen wrote:
When users clicks links or post forms in their browsers, sometimes they don't get any answer. By debugging the server I realized that in such a case the OnPostDocument event is never triggered.

Are you sure the request you don't get an answer from is received on the

Yes, as I explained in my last mail, when a user makes a request (GET or POST or HEAD or whatever), the server get it, and start to analyze it but stops inside TCustomLineWSocket.TriggerDataAvailable.

When you run a server on a non-server-platform you might miss some requests
when many requests arrive at the same time. On a non-server-platform (w2000,
XP etc) there is a listen backlog set to 5. That means that 5 connects is
queued by the os if your server is not ready to accept the connection yet.
The sixth connection will be lost. On a server-platform (w2000 server, w2003
server etc), this backlog is set to 200.
Well I can understand that, except that this problem occurs even when I do debugging (which means only one client, on the local machine). Also, I checked in the MS event manager (I guess if windows drops some connections it would place an entry here), but I found nothing.


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