On 23-Jun-05 07:40:28 Francois Piette wrote:

>> As you can see the server must at least generate the Challenge when
>> speak with an ICS client, and keep it to elaborate the Message3.
>> While from the client side we are "free" to set flags and fields with
>> specific values, the server should be able to hadle all possible
>> values if it must answer to a client different from ICS.

>This client/server dialog occurs in a single TCP session handled by a single
>TWSocket at server side. You can store anything you like n that TWSocket
>without collision with other clients.

That's clear, but there is still the problem how to handle request
made from clients that aren't based on ICS, if they set flags and
fields with values that are different from the "fixed" one set by

In conclusion, it seems to me that implementing the NTLM in the
server will require lot of time, and at the moment I don't have so
much time.
And I don't known if it worth the effort. Maybe it would be better to
invest that time implementing a more standard authentication (client
and server) instead for a proprietary and not dodumented like NTLM.

For example, Apache or other web servers different fom M$ are able to
accept NTLM authentication? (Not a rhetorical question, I really
don't know)

Bye, Maurizio.

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