Hello Frank,

I will try to do a test case this weekend for you.

Rgds, Wilfried

Friday, July 1, 2005, 16:20, Frank Wunderlich wrote:

> Wilfried Mestdagh schrieb:

>>Hello Frank,
>>>the client has the event OnChangeState but the server have nothing like
>>>this for the client-connection-lost (not disconnect).
>>There is no event for a looze connection. If you pull out the network
>>cable from the client, then both server and client will stay connected,
>>because to disconnect a packet must be send witch is not the case here.
>>The only way to know is to send something. then immedialty the
>>connection will clsoe and OnSessionClosed will fire with a winsock
>>>i tried to set events for new created clients, ive tried to send data to
>>>the client and waiting for an error, but noting happens ;<
>>2 things will happen:
>>- Send will raise an exception (did you put it into exception block?)
>>- OnSessionClose will fire
>>in case of TWSocketServer you best use OnClientDisconnect.
> i don't use a exception-block, but without it the error should be also
> fired, but i get none.
> sending from server to client raises also no error (where should be 
> fired one (OnDataSend)?).

> greets Frank

> here some code:

> //trying to send some useless stuff to the clients periodically
> procedure TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject);
> var i:integer;
> begin
>   for i:=0 to WSocketServer1.ClientCount-1 do
>   begin
>     WSocketServer1.Client[i].SendStr('Blah'+#13#10);
>   end;
> end;

> //the client-disconnect (display shows the message in a memo)
> procedure TForm1.WSocketServer1ClientDisconnect(Sender: TObject;
>   Client: TWSocketClient; Error: Word);
> begin
>   if Error<>0 then showmessage('error');
>   Display('disconnect:'+client.GetPeerAddr+' '+discon);
> end;

> The memo will be filled on regular disconnect, but the error is always 0
> also when i pull out the network cable.

> the client fires after a short time (5 seconds) the OnChangeState-Event.

> Greets Frank

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