> Do you want that the data passed to OnDocData is decompressed?

Yes I do.

> This could eventually be done only if the class that make the
> decompression supports "on the fly", or better if all classes neded
> to decompress the body suport it.

If the class doesn't support "on the fly" decompression, it can be emulated by 
generating OnDocData
at the end of the document when everything is decoded.

> If we want to accept both scenarios (on the fly and not, but I don't
> know if on the fly is always appliable) then we will have an
> incostincency: is it possible that OnDocData will receive compressed
> data.

See my previous paragraph.

> I forget to mention one thing. Xavier in his code set FLastResponse
> with the whole content of the decompressed stream. Is it correct
> and/or needed?

You mean the whole document ? No, it is not correct nor needed.

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