>It is not a proxy that you need but a sniffer.
>If you want a free one, look at Ethereal (link on the links page at my 

Oh! Its size is 11Mb. I'd prefer to not download and install such a big thing.
I installed WinPcap and tried to use Magenta Systems Monitor Socket,
but it shows AV (nil is dereferenced, I presume; adapter listbox is empty)
at the start though continues to run. Nevertheless it does not capture
anything ;-(. I don't see any pages on http://www.magsys.co.uk/ , which
are related to the program. Perhaps, a newer version is available somethere.

>A sniffer peek data packet on the network cable without interfering with 
>applications. It works at
>the NDIS driver level, asking the driver to receive a copy of each packet 

Best wishes,
Stanislav Korotky,
Russia, Moscow, CET +02:00

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