On 13-Aug-05 08:46:47 Francois PIETTE wrote:

Thank Francois for your answer. I hope other people will partecipate
to this discussion.

>a) Isn't it possible to defer call to THttpContentCoding.GetCoding until it
>is really needed so that exceptions are raise at that time ?

I made some changes, now the GetCoding is called only when it is

>b.1) There is already a property "Options" which is a set of properties. It
>is better to extent this set.

First, I mention record but I mean object.
Usually I don't use anymore a set for a property mainly for two
reasons. The first is that set are limited in the number of members.
The second, and more important for me, is that sets doesn't works
well with VFI, because you cannot "switch" a member without affecting
the others.
But last word is yours.

>b.2) No opinion now.

I decided that disabling mean that the whole things is not handled by
the component (like today).

>c) Acceptable. Maybe add an event with a boolean var argument "ignore". If
>ignore is true, nothing special happend, the document is receive
>undecompressed. If ignore = false then an exception is raised. Just an idea.

I'm not convinced. We should think about a real scenario. I think
that it is better for the moment that it remain as is, and then make
a change when/if it is real needed to handle a real situation.
Opinion from others reader?

>d) I do not master the topic. Could you elaborate ?

I know only what I red from RFC. This is what I understood.
You can specify in the header what kind of encoding you can handle.
This doesn't mean that you cannot receive a body encoded with a
method not included in the Accept-Encoding.
A second form is to specify the econding with a quality parameter,
for example "gzip:1 deflate:0.9". With this you inform the server
that you can handle both gzip and deflate but you prefer gzip.
If you specify 0 as quality then it mean that you don't accept the
Two particular encoding are "identity" and "*". You will never see
this in the answer, only in the Accept-Encoding header. The first
mean "no encoding" and the second "all others".
So if you write "gzip:1 identity:0.2 *:0" should mean "I prefer gzip
over identity, but doesn't accept any other encoding".
Even this should be possible: "gzip:1 identity:0 *:0" i.e. "send me
only encoded with gzip".

This is the theory. Practically I made some test with IIS 5.1 and it
seems ignore completly the quality.

Actually I made some changes to disable the quality by default and
use 0 as default quality for indentity and *. Coding with quality = 0
will not specified in Accept-Encoding if quality is not used.

Bye, Maurizio.

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