Francois PIETTE a écrit :
>>in the base form but it must do the same for each inherited form that has
>>changed the Options property.
>>While this could be accepted for related switches like TFont.Style I don't
>>think that it is acceptable when they are unrelated.
> I think this behaviour is the normal expected behaviour of the way 
> inheritance work.

May be that this behaviour is quite never unseen by developpers...
i may say that now, most developpers - i don't say *all* developpers - 
don't pay attention about nicely designed applications, nor do they 
really think in term of inheritance...

> I want that the two new properties be added to the Options property.
> Names: httpoEnableContentCoding and httpoUseQuality

i'm wondering about the utility of such properties. Why not use the 
ContentCoding and Quality within the ContentCoding component and let the 
HttpCli use it only when its ContentCoding property is assigned.

i mean, when using the TImage glyph property, you use the properties of 
the TPicture object (TJpegImage, or TBitmap or TImageFormatYouWant) to 
set its abilities. The TSpeedButton (for example) uses the glyph to 
display only when assigned.

The activation or desactivation of a ContentCoding property would be 
only set by this mean : Httpcli1.ContentCoding.Enabled:=True/False;

Generating an exception if it's not assigned.

uh ? :)

my 2 cents on pattern design ;)


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