> > Do you mean the ClientClass property of THttpServer?
> > The situation is quite different. You need a list of different
> > decoders, and you don't know in advance how long this list could be
> > (it depend of the kind of decoders available).
> >
> >>i'd say that i would have used something like the TAppServer and
> >>TServerObject in Midware.
> >
> > I newes see MidWare. Can you explain a little more?
> >
> >>In a way, not to bother woth any kind of ContentCoding if none is
> >>"attached" to the HttpCli. and everything is set wihtin the Coding object.
> >
> > I'm not sure that I understood what you mean. Can you elaborate? :-)
> Well to make it simple :
> you have a server object (in that case THttpCli).
> for each Coding way, you have defined a class :
> TGZipCoding, TMyOwnEncoding, ...
> then, when configuring your THttpCli component, you call a function to
> "register" each Coding class :
> HttpCli1.RegisterEncoding(TGZipcoding);
> HttpCli1.RegisterEncoding(TMyOwnEncoding);
> internally, you manage a list of Coding Classes (and objects created at
> need). then you can call for the coding object when needed.
> The coding classes could be seen as TComponent's child, in order to be
> in the palette component and dropped on a form, or mannually (at
> runtime) added.

Dropping the component on a form and yet having it registered need a litle bit 
of work in the Loaded
procedure. Have a look at RBRoker.pas, TServerObject.Loaded. The line calling
AddServerObjectWithReference does the work.


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