Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> I would bet that a buffered stream class would boost performance
>> dramatically.
> I do recall a recent discussion about buffered class, but can not find
> it.  Note sure how easy it would be to add, due to some of the 64-bit
> issues.  

I never got those changes made across Delphi versions 4-6 concerning
64-bit stream support :( I know that there is a class in turbopower's
tpipro, unit IPSTRMS.PAS, but as far as I recall 64-bit issues were not
handled. Also I recall that Primoz Gabrijelcic (
had a huge stream class, but I can't find it at the moment at his
site (by the way, it was too huge for implementing it 1 to 1 into ICS).

> The FTP server is crying out for a file buffer system, so that
> regularly downloaded files stay in memory.  One of my applications has
> hundreds of clients downloading the same two files repeatedly.
> I did write a buffered write stream class, but it's optimised for log
> files, buffering for X minutes before write or until a certain amount
> is buffered, mainly to reduce write frequency to flash disk drives, but
> a one minute interval also makes viewing active logs in an auto
> refreshing text editor like TextPad much easier.
> Angus
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