On 14-Oct-05 16:32:53 Arno Garrels wrote:

>Maurizio Lotauro wrote:


>> No please keep they as string for two reasons:
>> - if someone implement another authentication in an inherited compnent
>> he/her must change HttpProt.pas to add a new item to the set

>Hmm, but that's how it is done in ICS since the beginning. I also don't
>think that there will be lots of new auth-types in the future, and a new
>item is added in a few milliseconds, however string comparisons are
>terrible slow.

With the actual implementation of authentication it will be a
nightmare adding a new one. This is not a critic, it is only a
consideration after I made the fix.
As said, I have ready a version that handle the authentication in a
different way (I'm using it in a production environment since
It has some advantages:
- each authentication do not need to know all others as it happens
- A new authentication can be added without changing the HttpCli
code. This mean that a developer can add a custom one or even
replace for example the NTLM.
- The HttpCli code will get cleaner and easier to maintain.

If you followed the thread about content conding it is based on the
same principle

But to get all this the properties should remain string to keep they
open. And don't worry about string comparison, in that version are a
lot less :-)

If you want look into it I can send you a copy.


>I already have merged the above changes and sent V4c to Francois, it's
>no problem to revert them back to string type, Francois?

I think that in this moment and for this kind of change it should not
be a problem.

Bye, Maurizio.

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