With what I have see with the time, one port is skip for each transaction. 
so with the range you have, only 2 transactions can be done.
Windows keep the port open for some time, so you come at the end with no 
more port to do transaction. Even with a bigger range like 100 ports, you 
can easily come to with no free port just by checking some directory just 
because this will use a port for each send.

The PasvPortRangeStart set the start
the max set the max and when the server can't use any port, this give you 
the No available PASV ports.



At 03:50 2005-11-09 +0000, you wrote:
>There is only one client, this client connects to
>server checks some files and disconnects at some
>specified intervals(polling). So In this case the
>number 5 must be sufficient. PasvPortRangeStart is
>default 16384. Does this means that the application
>use 16384..16388.. If any port in this range is in
>use, then application fails or it is exceeds this
>16388 limit...
> >> I ran ftpserver program, and the clients in passive
> >> mode but after a while constantly I am getting No
> >> available PASV ports error.

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