>> But there is another problem in relocation when the relocation is to the
>> same URL, and the component gets stuck in a loop.

This frequently happend because many relocations are just to grab cookies. 
If the application doesn't handle cookies, you end with an infinite loop.

> This is an easy fix, just set a relocation limit, like Internet Explorer
> and Firefox do

That's a good idea.
We could add a new property LocationChangeMaxCount with a default value of 
let's say 5 (as suggested by RFC1945 section 9.3) and an new event 
OnLocationChangeExceeded taking as arguments the sender, the current count 
(RelocationCount), and as a var argument, defaulting to FALSE, a boolean 
allowing to continue relocation (Let's call it AllowMoreRelocation). When no 
more relocation is allowed, the request end with a 311 status code and "Too 
many relocations" reason phrase.

Anyone willing to implement that ?

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