>It is because of SSL, there are more commands.
how are they added to the FCmdTable? using AddCommand or with direct 
access to FCmdTable?
(I do not have the SSL source code)

>>- why 5? while it seems there're only two new commands for SSL (AUTH 
>>and PROT).... which are not added to the FCmdTable with AddCommand 
>>(at least in TFtpServer)
>Can not recall exactly why I added that comment, except without adding 
>five the array was too much.  It could be the component already adds 
>more commands than there are literals for.  
>The obvious solution would be to use conditional code for Delphi 4 and 
>later, so the FCmdTable becomes a dynamic array and is resized as extra 
>commands are added.  
is there a possible problem with the SSL version if I change it to a 
TList? (I think not if it use the AddCommand procedure)

>What FTP commands are you adding.
those are not FTP commands, but some Application specific commands. In 
fact, I'm making a service based on a FTP server. For example, commands 
are RESTART, RELOAD, and other more specific to my application.

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