> I'm experiencing a strange behavior of WSocket.Connect ->
> WSocket.OnSessionConnected. I have 2 PC. One on which I develop my
> applications and a laptop. Both of them are Windows XP Proffesional with SP2
> installed. The server my application is connecting is on the same 100 Mbps
> LAN as the 2 PC's above. From the firs PC, after calling WSocket.Connect,
> the connection is established very fast and OnSessionConnected is called. On
> the second PC, after calling Connect, nothing happens for about 30 seconds.
> The server the application is connecting does no receive any connection for
> the time specified above. So, to resume, on the first PC the connection is
> established right after WSocket.Connect and on the second PC the connection
> is established after an anoying delay.
> Does someone experience any similar situation? I have tried wsoTcpNoDelay on
> both server and client. No results.
> Please help.

I could be a DNS problem. Try connecting by specifying the IP address instead 
of hostname to be sure
it is not a DNS problem.
What is the ping time ? Try ping using the IP address and ping using the 
Try using the command line telnet to connect to your server:
    telnet your_server_name your_server_port
If it is slow also, then defenitely there is a problem within the OS, I guess a 
DNS problem.

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