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Od: Francois Piette <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Do: ICS support mailing <twsocket@elists.org>
Data: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 10:36:25 +0100
Temat: Re: [twsocket] File download

> > Hmm... How do i download a file and save it on disk? Got the
> > RcvdStream and... what? How do i save it to file? I thought that
> > stream.savetofile would work but there is no such a thing...
> Just assign a TFileStream to RcvdStream and you have a file. 
That's the beauty of TStream and
> derived classes.
> Something like (just typing out of my head, not tested):
> HttpCli1.URL := 'http://www.overbyte.be';
> HttpCli1.RcvdStream := TFileStream.Create('overbyte.html', 
> HttpCli1.Get;
> HttpCli1.RcvdStream.Free;
> HttpCli1.RcvdStream := nil;

Sounds cool but... if the file is being downloaded from forum... i 
wouldlike to recive its name and save under the name given by 
server... any idea how?

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