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Do: ICS support mailing <twsocket@elists.org>
Data: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 16:25:56 +0100
Temat: Re: [twsocket] HTTPCLI GETASYNC and SLEEP?

> > I wouldlike to implement retries on HTTPCLI but so it would wait 
> > time before retrying... Sleep doesnt seems to be the right 
> > because it ruins GetAsync... Any way to make a async sleep for
> > getasync?
> You never "wait" with ICS since it is asynchronous.
> You can implement retries using a timer. When you start your 
request (for 
> example your GetAsync), you start a timer. When the request is 
> (OnRequestDone), you clear the timer. If your timer event 
triggers, then you 
> have a timeout and need to retry. You then call Abort to stop the 
> request and then restart the whole thing. Don't forget to count 
the number 
> of retries to avoid infinite retrying...

Ok but... i got 20 HTTPCli components working as multithreading... 

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