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Do: ICS support mailing <twsocket@elists.org>
Data: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 18:26:32 +0100
Temat: Re: [twsocket] HttpCli and "Socket operation on non-socket"

> > Ok. I made basic proxy checker... 5xHTTPCli that tries to 
> > through one of the proxies (with GetAsync method) from list and
> > analizes if result is ok. But... I noticed that the more HTTPCli 
> > use the more frequent "Socket operation on non-socket" error
> > occures. Why is that? What is this error?
> This error is when you pass a handle to a winsock function, but 
the handle 
> is not one opened with winsock. This should _never_ occur with 
ICS. It may 
> happend when you have corruption somewhere in you data or code and 
> handles which are socket handles, then they became invalid and 
then you get 
> the error.

I dont do anything except using ICS HTTPCLI :-) So even if this 
should _never_ occur, it DOES :-)

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