Hi everyone,

just coming back to ICS after something like 6 years off the list.

I'm building a socket server that should handle lot's of short time
connections. Clients will connect, send a request, get an answer, then
disconnect. The number of clients will be somewhere between 500 and

I did some testing with the demo SocketServer (TcpSrv) and a script
that open a number of connections. When a connection fails, this
script wait one second then retry. When I try to initiate 50
connection to it really fast, the first 6 succeed, then the # 7 one
fails, retrying after a second works, then it fails again on
connection 13, 19, 25, 31, 37, 43 and 49. So every 6 connections I
have to wait one second before a connection succeed.

Does somebody know what can be wrong or is this a limitation in
SocketServer ? or windows ?

b.t.w. I tryed on Win2000 an Win2003

Thanks for your help
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