Francois PIETTE a écrit :
> I'm still wondering.
> Renaming everything and cleaning up thing is of course very interesting for 
> new users. But for existing users, it would require a lot of work converting 
> their old code to the new versions. And that may be fatal to ICS: current 
> user would not upgrade to new version because they have no time to do the 
> changes required by the new version !
> All in all I wonder if it is not better to simply make V6 as compatible as 
> possible with V5. That is dropping support for old compilers (this would 
> make the source code much cleaner) and adding new features without breaking 
> existing ones. If I do that, current ICS user would have no change at all 
> or - if they use an old compiler - just upgrade to the current Delphi or 
> CBuilder compiler (The old compilers would not compile new features using 
> recent language construction).

That seems to be nicer. But for those who are still working with old 
compilers, that wouldn't do it.
Except if you make the old versions available (leaving a place where to 
download the V5).

And those who are working with old compilers should be warned that some 
features are not available...

if support is not available for compilers before a version n, could it 
be then possible to have for users some kind of a comparative sheet 
between ICS versions (starting from version 5 ;)? it shouldn't be to 
difficult as you know what would be removed from the source code.


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