>> Sure their privacy policy of the day say they won't spam, but it also
>> says "We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time"

> If they change their policy, this would apply only to the data they 
> collected after their change.

Well... Microsoft also writes everywhere that Windows is so fast, reliable,
secure and so on, but unfortunately life shows that this isn't true. Same
here. They may say they won't spam, but some day you could start receiving
unwanted messages - just because you've signed up to some funny project.
Some time ago I've been playing with counters (those thingys you put on
website to count visitors), and found one that requires you to enter your
email (to receive HTML code), and *password* - what for, if there were no
"login" option? So I entered stupid "abc" - and that was great idea, because
counter's server admin was lame kid and believed that he could login into
provided account using provided password (using same password more than
once isn't a good idea anyway, but many don't care!). Since admin of server
where I've had that mail account was my friend, he called me and asked
why I've tried to login with some weird password *few times* - yes, that
lamebrain used "abc" as password to my mailbox...

> Anyway, the mailing list is indexed by google, so your email is already 
> referenced by google. [..] You are well known on the internet. I'm sure
> you already receive a lot of spam as I do (hundreds of messages each
> single day).
That doesn't mean he want to receive more spam. I don't get much spam
messages (1-2 per *month* on this account, 1-2 per day on other account that
was heavily used on usenet few years ago (!)), and I'd like to keep it on
that level. Thanks to antispam system on poczta.interia.pl (and small
obfuscation of email address in usenet postings), most of the known spam
doesn't even come through their SMTP - unfortunately, some wanted
messages (mostly those from Yahoo!Groups) also don't, but that's not
a big issue for me anyway.

In other words - don't force anyone to be happy. Things that may be funny
for you may not be funny for others (if I'd like to play with Frappr, I'd
use other mail account). Dropping D3 support is enough for me.

Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek

Kliknij po wiecej! >>> http://link.interia.pl/f18ed

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