ICS is 'PostCardWare' in part because the author enjoys seeing where his 
users are.  Frappr is the coolest thing since post cards.  Therefore, we 
were emailed for something important, and well worthwhile.  Also, I would 
suggest increasing the price of ICS to a postcard AND a Frappr pin.

Since we are off-topic, if V7 does not support D7, then I will have to spend 
hundreds of dollars upgrading Delphi.  I will not have problems doing that. 
This shows that ICS is worth quite a bit to me, and I think that it would be 
a good idea if there was a PayPal site for ICS contributions.  (Amazon 
Europe Gift Cards are too complicated for me...)  Yes, I did contribute to 
keep this list going. ( http://www.elists.org/donate/ )

(So I don't start a flame war, I understand the masses that hate to be 
emailed or have their email address compromised.  Changing your email 
address because you cannot access it anymore due to the thousands of daily 
junk emails is not a pleasant experience.  However, in my opinion, this was 
a low-risk mass emailing and well worthwhile.)

- Ronny

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