> Still on my 15.000 cnx project, I will have 3 connectors that should
> accept 5000 users each, each connector will then link o server itself.

You should use V6 to reach 5000 simultaneous users otherwise you have to tweak 
to OS to accept more
handles. V6 drastically reduce the number of hidden window handles.

> Because  I  want to send TCP datas to all users as fast as possible, I
> think  I  will  have  10  threads per connector, each thread attaching
> equal  number  of  users, so whan I send data it should be sent faster
> thru  thoses  10 threads than thru only one thread, especially if some
> of the users are slow at the moement they receive datas.
> Is this correct ?

Not sure since you probably have no processing of data, just moving it around. 
Since you only have
one network interface, it is likely that it will be serialized by the OS anyway.

You will gain speed with multithreading only when _processing_ can be done in 
one thread while
another is waiting on I/O or event. Here your application will probably be I/O 
bound so
multithreading would not help much. Multithreaded could help because you have a 
message queue per
thread. If you have heavy traffic, you could overflow the message queue. 
Multiplying queues would
help with this if it ever happend.

One thing is sure: you need a separate thread at least to handle network I/O 
otherwise either the
GUI would be very slow or would slow down network I/O.

To be tested to confirm my toughts.

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