> FP> This is exactly what happend with ICS without resorting to 
> multithreading.
> FP> Thanks to the asynchronous working model.
> OK, I think I understand where I was wrong. So when I send data I
> simply do a .Send loop to each connected user and that all.

Indeed !

> I was thinking that the .Send did not return immediately but wait
> until ACK from destination.

No, data simply goes to TWSocket internal buffer and is passed to winsock 
for sending when winsock can accept more data in his buffer. You get an 
OnSendData each time TWSocket can write data to winsock and and OnDataSent 
when TWSocket gave his last byte for winsock (which is likely have his own 
buffer still full).

Same for receiving: winsock receive data into his own buffer, the notify the 
application, that is TWSocket which trigger an OnDataAvailable event.

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