> >> Then  you  must  divide memory with ram size occupied per socket, some
> >> reported  about  6KB  average,  my  own  tests showed rather 10KB. Not
> >> counting  all other processes/drivers that may allocate memory in this
> >> segment.
> FT> Is this paged memory or non-paged also ok?

> Sorry I mistaken, the allocated ram for socket is in non paged-memory,
> Wilfried  said  that  only  the  data  to send is buffered in pageable
> memory.

Winsock use non-paged memory to store data to send/receive because this RAM has 
to be accessible
from an interrupt driver and hardware DMA (Direct Memory Access) controller 
which doesn't work with
virtual memory.

TWSocket use memory from the application memory space, that is paged memory 
which is has a much
higher limit: max 2GB or 3GB if you have the correct Windows version and 
corresponding hardware.
btw: you need Delphi 2006 to benefit from 3GB systems because of limits in the 
memory manager found
in previous Delphi versions (see this article: 

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