> Is there a way to tell the number of bytes available without
> actually retrieving the data?

There is RcvdCount but due to winsock limitation, it is not always accurate.

> At some point I'd like to know
> if there is data available but do not want to actually remove
> the data from twsocket's buffer. This is because I want to
> open a remote socket and make sure it's in wsConnected state,
> then I'll retrieve data and send it through the remote socket.
> The idea is to skip OnDataAvailable if no data is available,
> and when there is some data, connect to a remote server, skip
> more OnDataAvailable until the remote socket is connected, then
> actually retrieve data and send the data via remote socket.
> Or is it a bad idea to do so?

Maybe use Pause/Resume ?

> An alternative way is to call Receive() and allocate memory
> and cache the data into memory before remote socket is available.
> But is this necessary?

You could receive a lot of data before the other socket is opened. This is a 
potential DOS attack.

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