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> Fastream Technologies wrote:
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>> I have read the RFC but as I wrote half an hour ago, it is the MS guys 
>> that
>> did not read it well. Or perhaps they developed when the RFC was a draft
>> which has later been changed.
> My comment was directed at Maurizio.
>>> Conclusion:  I believe that IE has a bug that does not comply with
>>> RFC2617 -- perhaps this is originally an IIS bug of serving the headers
>>> wrongly; but the browser is so popular that the broken authentication
>>> mechanism is reproduced by most other servers and clients in order to be
>>> compatible.
>> I fully agree. However we need to support both standards otherwise we 
>> would
>> be sacrificing 80% of the surfers.
> And I agree with you fully.  Now that's weird :)


> Do you know if the THttpCli component accepts with or without comma?

No I do not.



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