Hello all!

Does somebody have this problem: if twsocket is created in thread and the 
thread goes to suspend mode, than if you try to call i.e. explorer thru 
shellexecute, the whole applications hangs some minutes. I assume it has 
something todo with Window Handle Allocation in TWSocket, but not sure. As for 
my application, it's not essential, since I can find some alternatives to 
shellexecute. But! It's seems to be, that the shell operations of whole windows 
is blocked - and this is the problem. What I mean: i.e. if you try to click on 
url in an email, IE will not be started - in hangs, if you try to put your PC 
in standby mode - it hangs... etc. etc.

You can, I hope, easily reproduce this behaviour i.e. with ftpthrd.dpr from ICS 

1. Just add in procedure TTransferThread.Execute (ftpthrd1.pas) one line - see 
code below

procedure TTransferThread.Execute;
    FtpClient1 : TFtpClient;
    FtpClient1                    := TFtpClient.Create(nil);
    // just add below line: Suspend;
2. put one more button on the form and add shellapi to uses

procedure TThrdFtpForm.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
   ShellExecute(Application.Handle, 'explore', 'd:\', nil, nil, SW_SHOWNORMAL);

3. Click Start (FTPclient will be created, of course twsocket too) and than 
click on button which call shellexecute

you will see what I described above.

Thanks for any help & best regards, A.Svetov
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