Francois Piette wrote:
>> Is there a way at the O/S level (unix-linux and windows) to set the
>> keepalive for the O/S. Can you do it by port ?
> Yes, the last ICS V5 BETA contains code for setting the keepalive.
> Experience show that it doesn't work on all the OS version. Search in
> messages posted in the list since last few month, we talked about this
> issue. 


I'm going to believe that something must be strange with your TCP settings,
because I can control the keep-alive stuff on W2K as well as XP Sp2 just fine.

To enable keep-alive packets an application has to call setsockopt().
If the application does not explizitly set KeepAliveTime and KeepAliveInterval
system settings apply. Either the defaults or the values set in registry.
But if the application sets KeepAliveTime and KeepAliveInterval by a call
to WSAIoctl() those custom values apply. So current changes to the keep-alive
stuff breaks backward compatibility due to the hardcoded values (Angus
already reported such a case with a buggy router).

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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